Breath-taking solution for a durable and stable natural look

Innovative beauty

The GWP Thermo is crafted using a state-of-the-art thermal modification process to provide increased durability and stability while maintaining a beautiful, natural look. This breath-taking product is available in a nearly unlimited range cladding profiles and rough sawn.

Why GWP Thermo?

100% natural method for thermally modifying timber. We use heat, water, and steam to improve the timber’s properties and increase its Durability Class. Free of resin and chemicals.

  • Sustainable: GWP Thermo follows the best social and environmental practices and therefore is 100% FSC®, PEFC or OLB Certified.

  • Thermally enhanced: Heat treatment increase the stability and durability of wood and makes it an ideal choice for a multitude of different projects.

  • Durable: GWP Thermo is hard-wearing, 100% natural, dimensionally stable, and resistant to insects. It requires no coating, making it a responsible and eco-friendly choice throughout its life cycle.

  • Wide variety of applications: Interior and exterior panelling, interior and exterior joinery, furniture components, moulding, heavy carpentry, industrial or heavy flooring.

  • Available in tropical species that takes on a rustic character with a historic and natural look or modern look-and-fell with boards virtually clear of knots.

  • Available in regular cladding profiles or rough Sawn in different sizes.

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