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Responsibility to Forest Ecosystem


Do what you love, and love what you do. One way to show it is by supporting the protection of forests and the communities that depend on them. That’s why we established our programs to verify timber legality through a chain of custody auditing process from the forest floor to your door.

We are FSC® certified

Contributing to the Sustainability of the Forests: The Importance of Specifying Certified or Legally Harvested Timber-Based Products. Asking for certified or legally-derived timber products might seem a small gesture but it will raise greater awareness on the importance of our forest and why we must manage it properly so that it remains healthy and productive for generations to come. Make the responsible choice. Choose GWP.

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Sustainable Forest Management

We use our expertise to promote activities that contribute to Sustainable Forest

Management and their benefits to the global community.

Responsible Procurement

We employ a clear work method and structure, which captures and follows all the needed evidence to comply with EUTR (EU) , UK Environment Act (United Kingdom), Lacey Act (USA), EPBC ACT REFORM (Australia), The Basic Environmental Law (Japan) and others.

Third Independent Party Verification

GWP has third party checks for the legality of its products and complies with numerous quality marks and requirements.Authenticity, consistency of all information and documents are thoroughly checked as well as the official status of all the companies involved.

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Sustaining Forests
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GWP Strengthens its commitment to responsible
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